Our History

3G’s Convenience Stores were founded in April 1985 when five gentlemen, three being brothers from the local Grosulak family, established the first location at 4410 State Ave on the Billings Southside. The initial store was operated by the oldest Grosulak brother, Ron, until his premature passing in 1993. After his brother’s passing, the youngest brother, Larry, assumed operating status and after 18 months purchased sole control from the remaining partners.

During Larry’s 20 plus years leading 3G’s Convenience Stores, the business has grown from the first initial location to six successful stores throughout the Billings area. The first addition came in March 1997 acquiring the 702 S 27th Street location, and growth continued in October 1998 with the acquisition of the 730 Lake Elmo Rd store. Then in August 2001 with the opening of a fourth location on the corner of Wicks Lane and Hawthorne Lane, the early growth of 3G’s Convenience Stores subsided.

As 3G’s continued to grow and prosper in its four core location during 2009 a rare opportunity presented itself. The sudden closing of the locally owned Kwik Way convenience store chain created a great opportunity to expand rapidly. 3G’s took full advantage of these opportunities opening three new locations in a 15 month period: April 2009 4106 State Ave, July 2009 1425 Hwy 87E Lockwood, and June 2010 357 S 24th Street West.

While not adding any additional locations since 2010, 3G’s continues to actively grown as a business. In April 2013 the initial 1600sqft store at 4410 State Ave was rebuilt and reopened as a 4000sqft flagship location. Following the first rebuilding success, the location at Wicks Lane and Hawthorne Lane was rebuilt from a 2000sqft store and reopened in November 2014 at over 4300 sqft.

Since its inception, 3G’s Convenience Stores have been proud to be a locally owned business and positive influence within the community. 3G’s continues to look for additional opportunities to add new locations and rebuild/remodel existing sites. Take a look around the corner…there may be a 3G’s coming to your neighborhood soon.

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